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Essentials Bundle


Get instant download access to everything in the Essentials category, which includes our most popular and widely use assets.


If you’re a freelancer, a design studio, a design department, or any kind of creative and you want to stock up on our most popular and widely used products, the Essentials Bundle is for you!

Screen FX Kit


Screen FX Kit is:

  • 42 1440×1080 25fps video loops (MP4)
  • 42 1080×1920 30fps video loops (MP4)
  • 42 2160×2700 stills (JPG)

If you’re working on a still image design or a full video edit, this pack has an option: Each asset comes in 3 formats, meaning that every still JPG asset has two matching loops.

  • Also includes 29 bonus JPG stills from failed Adobe Media Encoder exports.

Please see the “Epilepsy Warning” tab at the bottom of this page before proceeding.

Printer Trash


Printer Trash is:

  • 100+ High quality JPEGs
  • Unique printer effects
  • New textures added in April 2023 update
  • New textures added in July 2023 update
  • Over £140 in printer ink costs (so far!)

Scanner Trash 2


Scanner Trash 2 is:

  • 2.02 GB in total
  • 153 JPG files
  • Up to 7629×10623 pixels

Spray Scans


Free Asset Pack:

  • 10x 600dpi 3352 x 4608 Black and grey spray paint textures as JPEG files

Full Asset Pack:

  • 60x 1200dpi 6704 x 9215 Spray paint textures including colour variations as JPEG files

Vintage Paper


70 Vintage paper textures scanned in at 1200dpi  as PNG files with transparency, sized up to 6200 x 8500 px for maximum usability in any art or design project.

All textures in this pack were individually sourced, some are taken from the back of an old family photo, some were from old board games from charity shops, some are from old maps, letters, postcards and more. The textures in this pack took 18 months to collect and have textures dated as old as 1900.

If you enjoy our vintage asset packs then this is for you!


Scanner Trash


Scanner Trash has over 100 high quality, super detailed assets created for adding dusty overlays, smudge marks, or light leaks to your work in a few simple steps. Everything in this pack is scanned in at 1200dpi, 10208px by 14032px for MAXIMUM USABILITY!

Scanner Trash textures work best with the following blend modes:

  • Darken/Overlay
  • Lighten/Screen
  • Difference

Scanner Trash:

  • 100+ Unedited acetate scans with dust, smudges and scan artifacts

Scanner Trash Update:

  • 30 pre-edited textures
  • Ideal for just getting started with adding scan effects to your work

Scanner Trash Mini

  • A free sample for personal use

Lens Flare Kit


The Studio AAA Lens Flare Kit has 25+ lens flare PNG assets made from scratch, designed to be used on photo manipulation projects or metallic/chrome text effects!

Also includes a bonus Photoshop brush which is ideal for adding stars into a photo manipulation in combination with the lens flares, as well as some free gradient maps* which were used when creating the promotional night sky artwork for this pack.

*Gradient maps come in a .GRD format and can be easily installed and used in just a couple of clicks.

Print Tones


Print Tones is a texture asset pack with colourful printed artworks and print textures. With over 70 textures, you can digitally replicate a wide range of printed effects in your work using blend modes.

  • 1200dpi textures
  • Printed artwork
  • Low ink printer effects
  • Inkjet printer effects
  • Works with Photoshop blend modes
  • 70+ JPEG files

Paper Pack


50 High quality paper textures scanned in at 1200DPI. Includes ripped paper, folded paper, destroyed paper, wet paper and vintage paper sourced from charity shops and car-boot sales.

  • High detail textures
  • Works best with blend modes
  • Ideal for poster designs and album art