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Dither Daddy


Download the Dither Daddy action set and get to dithering your work in Photoshop faster and easier than ever. Every action utilizes smart objects, custom error messages, and save functions to ensure you can dither layer by layer safely without destroying your project file or changing your document’s colour profile!

This effect can easily be combined with a glow effect, gradient map, or some of our other glitch asset packs to create “glitch art” from your existing work, a stock photo, or even a logo.

Dither Daddy totals 50+ actions, with 40 unique effects including the below:

  • Indexing category with individual actions for creating indexed dithering effects, including a customizable action for maximum flexibility
  • Diffusion category with classic dither actions, including low, medium and high intensity options
  • Bitmaps category with 7 bitmapping actions with low, medium and high intensity effects
  • Text dithering category that has actions for dithering and bitmapping text, includes low, medium and high detail options
  • Help category guide actions and “Advanced” actions for those who are familiar with dithering already
  • Warning messages, optional safe mode, and “low quality dither help” action included to support every effect in the pack
  • Free download version, available for a limited time, with 3 free actions

All future updates sent to your email address at no extra cost!

Also includes all previous versions of Dither Daddy as an optional download.

Dither me timbers! I can eat breakfast, lunch, and dither with all these dithering actions for Photoshop!

Essentials Bundle

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