Digital Product Support

Invalid link or expired link – Please fill out the form at the bottom left of this page with an order number if you have it, we will generate a fixed link for you. 

Corrupted file or incomplete archive – This issue can be caused if you are trying to download multiple large files simultaneously, if you have an intermittent internet connection or if you are trying to download on a significantly old browser. We ask that if you get this issue, please try to download files individually and update your browser. 

File came through as 7Z – This is not an error, 7Z is an archiving format that we sometimes use to further compress our high memory usage products, you can extract a 7Z file the same as a .ZIP file with most unarchiving software. You can find out more about 7Z at:

Lost my download links If you lost your download links you can sign into your account and download directly from the My Account page, if you purchased as a guest user then all you need to do is fill out the contact form at the bottom left of the page and we can resend your order email for you

Mockup Support:

If you purchase a mockup and are unsure how to use it, here are some tips.

  • Smart Objects – a smart object is a type of layer in Adobe Photoshop, you can double click on this type of layer and it will open the layer as its own PSD or PSB file which you can edit and save. Once you save the smart object it will update in your mockup document.
  • Fonts – unless a product’s description specifically states that you are purchasing a font, NO fonts are included in any mockup. Any fonts included in a mockup are placeholders and not licensed to you by us.
  • Layer styles – If you purchase a pack of layer styles, you can edit these by clicking the FX icon in layers, or by double clicking the effect in the layer’s own drop down.
  • Images and photography – if your mockup contains an example/demo photograph which is not a required layer to achieve the effect in a mockup then these images have usually been licensed through pexels and unsplash.