File Formats

ZIP files or 7Z files – files with a .zip or .7z extension can be opened using software like 7ZIP or WINRAR and you can find your product inside.

GRD File – A GRD file is an installable gradient folder for Adobe Photoshop. You can install by double clicking the file while photoshop is open OR by using the “Import” function in the gradient editor.

PNG files – files with a .png extension are Portable network graphics and can be drag & dropped into most design software. If that doesn’t work, try going through file > place.

PSD files – files with a .psd extension are Photoshop Documents made to be opened in Adobe Photoshop CC but can also be read by other Adobe software. If you are unable to open a standard .psd file you would need to contact Adobe for support.

ASL Files – an ASL file is an Adobe Photoshop Style file and can be loaded into Photoshop’s styles section through dragging and dropping the ASL file into the Photoshop program or by Edit > Presets > Preset Manager.

SVG files – files with .svg extension are Scale-able Vector Graphics and can be edited in Adobe Illustrator or placed in design software via drag and drop or file > place. Svg files can also be used in 3d software such as blender.

AI files – an .ai file is an Adobe Illustrator file and can be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, an .ai file can usually be opened in other Adobe CC products. If you are unable to load a standard .ai file then contact Adobe support.

JPEG files – files with .jpg or .jpeg extension can be placed into any design software by drag and drop, or file > place.

TMP files – if you see a .tmp file in your downloads folder after purchasing a product, this usually means your download has not finished yet.

OTF files – An .otf file is an OpenType file. You can double click on it to install. If your font does not appear immediately in software you have open, try closing and reopening the software.

ATN files – An .atn file is an Adobe Photoshop action file. Double click this while you have a psd open and it will load straight into your actions.