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Text Toner


Text Toner is a set of 3x 6 one click Adobe Photoshop actions with an extra more customizable action for users are familiar with halftone effects. All of the actions in this pack were created in a 3000 x 3000 300dpi document meaning that any effects that don’t scale might look different if you use a drastically different document size.

NEW Updated Text Toner ULTIMATE Edition:

  • ULTIMATE XXS Halftone
  • ULTIMATE XS Halftone
  • ULTIMATE Fine Halftone
  • ULTIMATE Medium Halftone
  • ULTIMATE XL Halftone
  • ULTIMATE XXL Halftone
  • ULTIMATE Advanced Halftone

ULTIMATE includes actions that all have setup steps in the action that allow for editing the weight of the mask before the halftone is applied

NEW Updated Text Toner v2:

  • Text Toner XXS
  • Text Toner XS
  • Text Toner Fine Halftone
  • Text Toner Medium Halftone
  • Text Toner XL
  • Text Toner XXL
  • Text Toner Advanced Fully Editable

Selection based actions in Text Toner v1:

  • Super Mega High Res Halftone
  • Super High Res Halftone
  • Low Res Halftone
  • Super Low Res Halftone
  • Super Mega Low Res Halftone
  • Low Res Bonus

Also includes an action for an error message if you use the action wrong.

Comes with installation guide.



Adobe Photoshop


Commercial, No Redistribution


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